Team Profile

Wim Vanderheyden


My father, Bill Vanderheyden, started Vanderheyden’s garage back in 1974. As a result, I grew up around cars and shared my father’s passion for them. I had natural mechanical aptitude and used to help out around the shop as a kid. When I was young, I used to borrow my dad’s tools and fix my own bike. I was determined even then. When I was old enough to buy my first car, I enjoyed taking it apart and putting it back together. Since I also had an interest in car audio, I customized several kiss-ass stereo systems, much to my parents’ annoyance.

While studying business in university, I went to work for Clarion, a 12V electronics company, and was Eastern Canada’s top sales representative.


I enjoyed my time at Clarion but eventually decided it was time go back to my roots and work for my dad for real. He signed me on as an apprentice and I obtained my certificate as an Automotive Service Technician from Durham College.

After working as a mechanic at Vanderheyden’s for over a decade, my dad retired and I bought the business. My focus was to enhance customer communication and maintain the excellent standard of quality that we’re known for. To keep up with the rapid changes in the automotive industry, I’m constantly reinvesting in new tools and technologies. I understand that car repairs can be a stressful financial burden on families, and I make it a point to offer fair pricing. Vanderheyden’s Garage is a collaborative and transparent environment in which our highly skilled technicians work together to give our valued customers the best bang for their buck.