Team Profile

Bill Vanderheyden

Founder (1946-2019)

Bill Vanderheyden started Vanderheyden’s Garage out of a small service station on Bloor Street in Oshawa in 1974. With his comprehensive expertise in European Cars, Bill quickly established Vanderheyden’s as a leading destination for import Car Repair. As business expanded, he relocated to the No. 2 Fire Station on Simcoe St. S. where Vanderheyden’s has been operating for over 40 years. Bill loved people and was known for his quirky sense of humour. Those who were on his emailing list know how much he loved to share alternative viewpoints on a variety of topics… especially during retirement! Lol. Bill was proud to hand down the tradition of personal service and technical expertise to his son Wim Vanderheyden before his passing in July 2019. Bill’s motto was, ‘Put customers first and the business will follow.’