Wim Vanderheyden

pic_wimI grew up around cars my whole life. When I was young I used to borrow tools from my fathers shop so I could fix my own bike, I was determined even then. After finishing my education I spent 8 years with a 12 volt electronics company managing a sales territory and doing technical product training for our customers. Later I joined a specialized retail marketing company where I again got involved in sales for the particular needs of people looking to find innovative sales solutions for their products at retail.
What struck me was I always wanted to get involved in the engineering side of things. That’s when I decided to join Vanderheyden’s Garage. I’ve always enjoyed finding solutions to problems and dealing with people. I look around at a lot of places and think to myself, WOW. We’re having a lot of fun and doing a great job at the same time. It’s my goal to carry on the tradition of great service and technical expertise in the automotive repair field.