Thomas Mozejko

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy passion for cars is deeply rooted. When I was younger, elders told me that my enthusiasm for automobiles (and the music I listened to) is just a stage; It wasn’t (on both accounts).

As I got older, I gravitated towards, and surrounded myself with automotive enthusiasts, new and seasoned alike. Drawing from the experience of others, as well as reading any automotive related publication, I learned to carry out repairs on my own cars. That knowledge quickly took me down the epic path of modifying and building cars to do much more then they were originally designed to. Be it for the street or for the race-track (road course). From building, then installing high-performance engines in small cars to make them entertaining to drive, to the painstaking task of retrofitting complex fuel-injection systems to cars that were originally not so equipped, to make them more fuel efficient and easier to maintain… Chassis and brake systems received equal attention. While doing so, I found myself absorbed and intrigued by reverse-engineering all of the vehicles systems: fuel injection, brakes, suspension etc… Figuring out “how and why” components and systems work the way they do. Tremendous pleasure can be had from knowing how to do things as well as, or better than the original manufacturer.

Naturally, when it was time, I promptly found myself in pursuit of employment that allows, and more so, encourages, shares and appreciates my enthusiasm for all-things-automotive.
Said pursuit has taken me to the shops and schools of brilliant car manufacturers, such as: Honda, Acura, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It was at these shops and their respective schools where I became intimately familiar with high-end automobiles.
My search criteria, however, has not yet been satisfied…

By means of luck/fate and an open mind, I have finally found what I originally searched for, and more, at Vanderheyden’s Garage.
Here, I proudly make up a quarter of a very dynamic, clever and likeminded team. A team, whose combined experience is over a century long.
The search was long, and although I have learned a great amount of skills and methods along the way, for the first time in this trade, I am privileged to rub shoulders with people who value quality and honesty over quantity and profit.

My name is Thomas Mozejko: a proud member of the Vanderheyden’s Garage team.

ps. Thank you, Mr. Vanderheyden, for giving me the opportunity to share my story.